How to install LED Modules?


How to install the led module?
Step 1: Calculate the total power of the led module, then configure a suitable LED switching power supply (the power supply should be configured with 80% power output), and pay attention to the input voltage AC110V/220V and output voltage DC12V/24V
Total power consumption = number of modules × power consumption of a single led module
For example: for 100pcs Samsung led modules 1.2W, the rated power consumption is 100×1.2W=120W

Step 2: Fix the led module
Module fixing method:

1. Stick the double-sided tape on the back of the plastic shell for preliminary fixation, and then use glass glue to assist fixation.

2. The glass glue is directly fixed; before installation, the surface of the module should be wiped clean or properly polished to ensure that the contact surface is clean.

3. The bottom of the plastic case is fixed with screws.

Step 3: Connect the LED Power Supply

1. Each string of led modules is connected in parallel

2. After all the modules are installed, use 0.75mm or 18AWG wires to connect to the power supply.

3. The distance between the power supply and the module should be within 5 meters.

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