What is LED light module?

    LED Module (surface-mount device light-emitting diode module) is a type of LED module that uses surface-mount technology (SMT) to mount LED chips on printed circuit boards (PCB).

    Common types are 5050 SMD LED Module, 3528 SMD LED Module, 2835 SMD LED Module, 5630 SMD LED Modules, LED Light Modules perfect for outdoor commercial signs, indoor retail display counters, advertisement light boxes, backlights for channel letters, LED signs and billboards.

What are LED Module Colours?

    LED Module Colours
    Single-colour LED modules: R/G/B/Y/WW/NW/W/CW
    R/G/B/Y- Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
    WW- Warm White 2800-3200k
    NW- Natural White 4000-4500k
    W- White 6000-6500k
    CW- Cool White 9000-12000k

    CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGBIC LED modules
    CCT- Dual colour LED Chips, infinitely variable colour temperature from Warm White (2700K) to White (6500K) the modules emit a bright white light
    RGB- A single three-channel LED chip with Red, Green, and Blue diodes
    RGBW- One four-channel LED chip with Red, Green, Blue, and White diodes
    RGBIC- A three-channel LED chip with Red, Green, and Blue + a build-in independent Chip

Why choose ADLED?

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ADLED Certificates

    EN IEC 55015: 2019+A11: 2020, EN 61547: 2009

    IEC 62321-3-1: 2013, IEC 62321-5: 2013
    IEC 62321-4: 2013+ADM1: 2017, IEC 62321-7-7: 2015
    IEC 62321-7-2: 2017, IEC 62321-6: 2015, IEC 62321-8: 2017

    EN60529: 1991+A1: 2000+A2: 2013

    UL: UYMR2.E509049, UYMR8.E509049

    EPR Report

LED Module Voltage

    LED Module has variety of voltage ratings:
    Low Voltage: DC5V, DC12V, DC24V
    High Voltage: AC110V, AC220V, they drive directly from mains electricity, no need led power supply

Variety of LED Modules

    According to different installation methods, led modules have Side-lit LED modules and Backlight LED modules.
    Side-lit LED modules: Installation on the side of the lightbox, allowing the light to emit from both sides, the side LED modules can be used for edge lighting of sign boxes, SEG Light Boxes, Fabric Light Box
    Backlight LED modules: Installation in the back of the lightbox, channel letter often used for highlighting the Signages, Acrylic letters, Signs and Super Slim Light box, Blister light box, Ceiling light box, Acrylic light box, Plastic light box.

    The different product features have Mini led modules, High power led module, High-efficiency led modules, DC12V led modules, DC24V led module, High Voltage AC110V led modules, AC220V led module, RGB led modules, Dynamic led modules and Flex led modules

How to install LED Modules?

    How to install the led module?
    Step 1: Calculate the total power of the led module, then configure a suitable LED switching power supply (the power supply should be configured with 80% power output), and pay attention to the input voltage AC110V/220V and output voltage DC12V/24V
    Total power consumption = number of modules × power consumption of a single led module
    For example: for 100pcs Samsung led modules 1.2W, the rated power consumption is 100×1.2W=120W

    Step 2: Fix the led module
    Module fixing method:

    1. Stick the double-sided tape on the back of the plastic shell for preliminary fixation, and then use glass glue to assist fixation.

    2. The glass glue is directly fixed; before installation, the surface of the module should be wiped clean or properly polished to ensure that the contact surface is clean.

    3. The bottom of the plastic case is fixed with screws.

    Step 3: Connect the LED Power Supply

    1. Each string of led modules is connected in parallel

    2. After all the modules are installed, use 0.75mm or 18AWG wires to connect to the power supply.

    3. The distance between the power supply and the module should be within 5 meters.

LED Module Application Notes

    Installation Precautions:

    1. Pay attention to waterproof measures for LED switching power supply.

    2. The switching power supply should select the correct input voltage according to the market, select the correct output voltage according to the LED module voltage, Dimming power supply adjust the right output voltage, and do not rotate the voltage adjustment button arbitrarily during use!

    3. There are positive and negative poles in the LED module. Pay attention to the corresponding positive and negative poles when installing. If the positive and negative poles are reversed, the module will not emit light, but it will not damage the LED module. Just change the connection. Don't adjust the working voltages!

    4. During the installation of the LED module, it is required to use double-sided adhesive or woodworking glue to make the module and the base plate firmly adhered. When using double-sided tape, you must apply glass glue. Otherwise, the module will fall off under the outdoor sunlight for a long time. This is very important!

    5. When LED modules are installed in plastic letters or boxes, they should be connected in parallel and reduce the series connected, otherwise they will be affected by voltage drop, and it is likely to cause excessive single-channel current to burn out the circuit board!

    6. For LED modules that have not undergone waterproof treatment, when they are installed on plastic letters or boxes, rainwater should be prevented from entering.

    7. The spacing of LED modules can be adjusted according to the actual situation such as brightness and module size, and the number per square is generally between 50-100. When arranging LED modules, attention should be paid to the uniformity of light emission and brightness requirements; the distance between modules and the font size is generally 2-5cm, and the vertical and horizontal distance between modules is recommended to be 2-6CM. When installing the LED module, do not push and squeeze the components on the module to avoid damage to the components. The connecting wires inside should be fixed on the bottom plate with glass glue to avoid shading.

    8. The distance between the LED module and the surface of the luminous body should be well controlled, so as to ensure the uniformity and brightness of the light, so the thickness of the lightbox is also very important.

    9. Please pay attention to anti-static during the installation and use of the product, and do not touch the light source and glue with sharp objects. Do not touch strong acids, strong alkalis and other corrosive chemicals, and keep away from fire sources.

Can I install LED Modules Outdoors?

    Yes, our led modules are waterproof, usually we provide IP65 led module, IP67 led module and IP68 led module, making them ideal for outdoor illuminated sign, channel letter or lightbox

Are LED Modules Dimmable?

    Yes, all of our LED Modules are fully dimmable, and we can match LED dimmers for led modules together.

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